Reminding Myself Why (OP: 5/2014)

Here lately, I’ve had to stop myself and reevaluate my plans so many times.

As I get more and more involved with the goat world, I find myself second guessing, and sometimes I have to remind myself why I have goats, and what my goals are.

As my herd of registered goats grows, I often start to think that I should cull and sell off most of my unregistered goats. I tell myself I should purchase goats from awesome show lines and breed for show goats.

Then I stop and realize: this is not what I want to do.

I love goats of all shapes, colors, and sizes, but my true passion is for goats who are visually pleasing to me. I love colorful flashy goats with bright blue eyes. Small and friendly, affectionate and beloved. And it doesn’t take a piece of registration paper or a best in show to accomplish that.

That isn’t to say that I don’t breed for quality as well. I want my goats to be hardy, healthy, and to live long lives. To accomplish this, they need proper conformation. To raise health happy babies, they need good udders with strong attachments and good teats.

So you can see, there is no reason that one can’t have the best of both worlds. While it costs as much to feed an unregistered doe as it does a registered, I don’t love my unregistered girls any less. I have to remind myself, my unregistered goats are not worth less to me. And it doesn’t matter how much they’re worth to other people – in the end, I have them and I breed them to produce goats that I love.

Thankfully, other people *do* love them, and I never have to fear finding offspring excellent homes, where they become beloved pets, milkers, companions, and yes occasionally, show goats.

While I’ll continue to register my does that are from registered stock, and breed them with registered bucks, I won’t discount my sweet grade girls as well. They are what started me on their journey, and when I walk through the fields in the evening, both registered and unregistered alike make my heart happy with their beauty.