Goat of the Month – December 2015


It’s only proper that our first official Goat of the Month is K-N-S Farm Catnip, one of the first goats to carry our farm name. (The honor of first belongs to K-N-S Farm The Lady Sif)

Catnip is a lovely little doe, one of the 2014 crop – the last of the Blizzard kids. Her dam was Honey Doe Farm Gypsy, one of the very goats who helped connect me to the Honey Doe Farm herd. When I brought home Gypsy and her friend Yumi several years ago, the naughty things immediately escaped and went on the run.



We searched and searched and searched! Gypsy was found first, over a mile away, rescued from dogs by good Samaritans. (Yumi was found two weeks later, over ten miles away!) Relieved, they soon settled into our herd. Gypsy produced several beautiful kids for me, including Catnip, and was a fabulous milker. We later lost her to an accident.
catnip3Catnip herself shows a lot of the same personality of her mother – perhaps not the most friendly goat, but not wild in any way. She just prefers to do things on her own terms. Like her mother as well, her wattles are uneven – one hangs higher than the other. It drives the part of me which loves symmetry crazy, but it’s a fun little quirk.


A very beautiful doeling, Catnip went through a rather ugly stage – the frosting around her nostrils often mistaken for crusty discharge – but came out of the other side looking just fabulous. She is expecting her first kids by Harlequin BJ Papaya Pie in January and I will surely consider keeping a doeling, if she sees fit to produce one for me.