Goat of the Month – January 2016



Happy New Year, my goat friends! We’re diving into kidding season right now, and this month’s GOTM is the lovely K-N-S Farm JuneRose!




JuneRose is out of K-N-S Farm True Hope (the goat who started our farm) and by the very handsome Pace County Roadhouse Blue.




She also had a sister, the very strange doeling we called “Not Quite Right.” One of the strangest things I have experienced, NQR rejected her dam from the moment of birth. She got to her little hooves, still soaking wet, and ran away! She also showed several other strange behaviors, and never fully bonded with her dam. At around third weeks old, I found her dead. I still wonder what exactly was wrong with her.




JuneRose went to live with a lovely young couple who became good friends, along with a handsome red wether I procured from Honey Doe Farm to keep her company. She returned to my farm to be bred to TooMiniGoats J Texas Blizzard and then returned again to kid out, producing the now famous face of our farm, K-N-S Farm Minx.




At one point before having her first kid, she had an unfortunate encounter with a dog that left her unique – now she only has one ear! It hasn’t affected her and she does just fine, and has even risen in the ranks around here.

A year later, when her owner’s plans changed, JuneRose returned to my herd.

JuneRose is absolutely a doe who has a forever home with my herd, even if I was to majorly downsize. She’s earned her place here by being a great milker, a wonderful mother, and a fabulous little friend.