Goat of the Month: March 2016



March’s Goat of the Month is the one and only Commando!

Commando is K-N-S Farm’s wether (neutered male) and he plays an important role here at the dairy. While they don’t exhibit the offensive behavior and odor of an intact male, wethers are still more than capable of detecting a doe in estrus and letting you know. I’ve also observed protective behavior in our herd’s wethers towards the does and kids as well, and they often play the referee in herd disputes.

205520_1326009647781_6771181_nCommando’s dam was Nubian/Saanen/Nigerian Dwarf cross named Bunny – a wonderful milker and sweet girl. His sire was Blizzard, and Commando is his first son. Commando was also the first kid that I produced and retained for myself.

He was so interesting as a newborn that I just had to see how he developed – and it was fascinating!

Born nearly black, there was just the subtle hint of mottling under the fur, with a few spots. However it didn’t take long for that coloration to start to show through.

He is most heavily moonspotted kid that Blizzard produced – he passed on his spots quite often, but never to this extent again.



By the time he was a yearling, his coloration and pattern had completely changed, and it continues to evolve as he grows.

But Commando isn’t just all color! His personality is very reminiscent of his father’s. Gentle, with a subtle sense of humor, Commando is one of my good pals.

He’s always happy for a scratch on the head or a kiss on the nose.





Though he may not produce offspring or product, Commando plays an important part here at the farm, and our herd would be very empty without him.