Symbol Key

This symbol on a goat's profile means this goat has blue eyes.

This symbol on a goat's profile means this goat has obvious moonspotting.

This symbol on a goat's profile means this goat is polled (naturally hornless).

The Blue Hen award is given to does who consistantly produce high quality kids. Such kids are correct in structure, grow quickly, are hardy, and often are retained in the herd. Blue Hens often produce doelings who grow into Blue Hens as well, which makes them very valuable in our herd.

The Golden Heart is given to does who have earned a permanant home here with our herd. They will never be considered for sale except in the most extreme of circumstances. These does are favorites, who have produced quality kids.

The Red Ribbon represents the best doeling of her breed from that season. At the end of every year, when the kids are just a month or two away from being yearlings, we decide which kid is the best of the lot, and she is awarded the Red Ribbon. The decision is based on a number of criteria, including overall health, breeding, personality, coloration, growth, and maturity. Serious illness or injury can disqualify a doeling from having a chance at the award, and it's only available to doelings produced and raised by the farm.

The Blue Ribbon represents the best First Freshener of her breed from that year. At the end of the milking season, we decide which First Freshener doe has the most correct udder and the best production overall, and she is awarded the Blue Ribbon. To be eligeable, the doe must have been produced and raised on the farm.

The Retired sign marks does who are no longer expected to produce kids and/or milk. They are allowed to enjoy the rest of the does in the herd, and are occasionally placed in pet homes where they are loved and cared for. These does often recieve special consideration and care, as they deserve. Most does are retired due to age, but a doe may be retired early after suffering injury or illness that will affect them long term.


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