Mini Mancha Does

Click on any name to learn more about our herd of Mini Mancha does. As we do not register our Mini Manchas, we keep our own standards as to what qualifies one as a Mini Mancha as opposed to a Grade doe, the most important criteria being the size. As the name suggests, we expect our Mini Manchas to be small! We are currently working on phasing out our Mini Manchas, but we still have several beautiful little ladies. If you're interested in seeing when our next kids are arriving, click below.

Breeding Schedule


Honey Doe Farm DeLorean

First Fresheners

Honey Doe Farm Inkjet

Four Year Olds

Honey Doe Farm Mandarin


Honey Doe Farm Mudslide Honey Doe Farm Shizu
Honey Doe Farm Lemon Drop Honey Doe Farm Panda Bear


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