Name: Honey Doe Farm Panda Bear | ADGA #: UNREGISTERED | DOB: 01/26/2009

Panda is one of the oldest does still in production, and one of the best Mini Manchas I've had here. With a high productive udder, she has proven the ability to pass that on consistantly. Her kids are always large and beautiful, earning her the Blue Hen award. Unfortunately we've lost the records of her lineage, but that doesn't diminish her value to us in the least.


Kidding History

03/16/11: 1d/1b by Karob SUV Willie Wonka
02/23/12: 0d/2b by Dreamy Delights XT Dandy
04/4/13: 1d/0b by Karob SUV Willie Wonka
01/11/14: 1d/2b by Toominigoats J Texas Blizzard
01/17/16: 2d/0b by Honey Doe Farm Jed I. Knight
01/15/17: 1d/2b by Pueblo Mission Casper
01/4/18: 0d/3b by Dancing Hooves Oreo Cookie


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