Terms & Conditions

Upon purchasing a goat from Honey Doe Farm or K-N-S Farm
you agreed to the terms and conditions below.

At certain times of the year, we should have goat kids for sale. Kids and older goats for sale are usually posted first on our Facebook page before being posted on other sales sites or our website. E-mail inquiries are always welcome - checking the Breeding Plans page will let you know when we are expecting kids. The majority of kids will be sold as bottle kids which will need to be bottle fed until weaning.

All goat purchases must be paid in full before pick up and can be paid with PayPal before being picked up, or paid for via cash or postal money order at the time of pick up. NO CHECKS PLEASE! NO EXCEPTIONS! Keeping a close eye on our Facebook page and website is highly recommended, as our kids sell quickly.

All bucklings must be purchased before weaning or they will be wethered and sold as pets and companions. We reserve the right of discretion to which kids are acceptable to be left intact and which are not.

All kids will receive the CD/T vaccine when disbudded and will be handled on a daily basis to ensure a sweet nature and ease of handling. We practice coccidiosis prevention and parasite control. We do not offer horned doelings - all doelings will be disbudded before sales. Bucklings to be sold for breeding will also be disbudded.

When you purchase a kid (in full) via Paypal, you *must* pick your kid up within two (2) weeks of payment. On the event that you do not, you forfeit your purchase; you will be refunded minus a ten percent (10%) fee and the kid will become available to the public once more. If you place a deposit (via Paypal, cash, or money order) on a kid and do not pick it up by the prearranged date and do not arrange a secondary date, you forfeit your deposit and the kid becomes available to the public once more. If you need extra time to pick up your kid, please contact us *prior* to the prearranged date and let us know, and we will work with you. We do *not* hold goats without payment for longer than three (3) days.

Once a goat leaves our property, we cannot be held liable for injury, illness, or death of that animal. If you produce a vet report stating that the injury, illness, or cause of death was present at the time of sale, we will give you a credit towards a new kid, or in some cases, a refund. We reserve all right to examine the vet report and make the best decision for both you and us. All testing for CAE must be done within two (2) months of bringing the goat to your farm. In the event of a positive or marginal result, we will pay for a retest at Bio-Tracking Laboratories. In the event the goat is indeed positive for CAE, a full refund is given upon returning the goat in question.

We reserve the right to retain or hold back any kid of our choice. We reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason.

Stud Services

For the health and safety of our herd, we do not offer stud services.

Show Incentive

Due to my incredibly busy schedule caring for not only my own goats, but the dairy's herd, I simply do not have time to take my goats into the show ring. I must admit as well it has never been an area of the goat world that interested me personally! But knowing the value of putting your animals before a judge, I offer a show incentive to all of my buyers. If you take one of our goats into the show ring and send me a picture, you'll recieve 25% off the next goat you purchase from us.

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Nothing available at this time. Kidding starts in December 2019.


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